Be aware that eating fruits at a moderate level, too much is not good for your health.Xuan Khanh Market at the beginning of the street is a daily stop for many citizens who get their food and other supplies here. This can be called an attractive tourist destination in Soc Trang and attracts many tourists. Bat Pagoda is also called Ma Toc Pagoda or Mahatup Pagoda, located at Mai Thanh The Street, Hamlet 9, Ward 3, Soc Trang City.It is one of the ideal places for those who want to feel relaxed and leave the urban area to the garden land. One of the must-see places of tourists when coming to Cho Lach district is Cai Mon orchard (Vinh Thanh commune). The small pieces of fish meat are separated into slices and put into rice paper, arranged with herbs, vermicelli, raw vegetables and rolled into rolls and then dipped in a fish sauce bowl. Or you can rent at the intersection of Highway 60-Ap Bac on QL.60 left hand is priced from 60,000 VND -120,000 VND / room depending on room quality.Other selected vehicles such as private cars or van will make you a much simpler start.