Saigon is famous for its super delicious street food and cheap prices. Called street food because it was sold on the street, small alleys or street vendors around the city. Street food is not only popular with Vietnamese people but also interesting for foreign tourists.

Bánh căn (Mini Pancake)

This is a dish from the Cham minority in Ninh Thuan province, popular in the South Central. It is a similar shape to bánh khọt, but it is made quite differently. While Bánh khọt uses fried rice flour, bánh căn is made from grilled rice flour.

The cake is really delicious when people bake in a mold made from Bau Truc pottery in Phan Rang. The sauce is made from fish source mixed with garlic and chili. You should dip fully Bánh căn into the sauce to eat. Bánh căn through time has spread to many regions of Vietnam.
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